Vampire Temptations Series

It all begins with one vampire, and one woman with blood he can’t resist.
But that blood will change him, and all of vampire society … forever.

Strawberry – A Vampire Romance – Vampire Temptations Book 1

Held captive by a vampire in love with her blood… 

Out of work actress Kitty French knows her new role as a vampire’s sexy victim is dodgy, but she needs the cash. She never thought it would leave her at the mercy of a real vampire… A vampire who thinks she’s the tastiest of them all.

She’ll do anything to escape his cold lips alive, because being part of a blood-sucker’s ongoing meal plan isn’t high on her list of life goals, no matter how sexy he is. Learning vampires are real is one thing. What happens after that she would never see coming…



Blood Red Strawberry – Vampire Temptations Book 2

Things are bad when you long for the day when it was only one vampire after your blood.

Kaitlyn and Owen just want to live their happily ever after. But that won’t be easy for a vampire who has become human again, or the woman with the blood that changed him.

A surprise trip to Europe leads to a dangerous reunion, and soon Kaitlyn and Owen’s lives are threatened by more vampires than you can poke a stake at. New friends, new foes, and new factions fight over Kaitlyn’s unique blood and what it can do. And this time, Owen is locked up right alongside her. Can they escape before Kaitlyn is drained dry?

Starting a new life together is hard. Escaping a horde of vampires is even harder.


Ripe, Wild Strawberry – Vampire Temptations Book 3

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