More for Strawberry, Book 2 release, and what’s to come.


More for Strawberry, Book 2 release, and what’s to come.


Blood Red Strawberry, the sequel to Strawberry – A Vampire Romance, is here. It’s out now on Amazon and other online book stores



While preparing the book for publishing, I noticed that the first book was released back in 2013. Wow, that’s a bit of a gap isn’t it? I have to apologize for the wait. Full transparency – Lena Fox is a pen name. My fun and sexy alter-ego. And for the past few years the other me has been busy. Super busy. Super crazy busy.

Life has finally settled to a point now where Lena is ready to come back. And I’ve started with this new book and have many more planned to follow. Strawberry, which had been a bit of a stand-alone story, has been developed to create a rich world of vampire lore which I hope to be able to write a lot more books in. The plan will be to wrap up Kaitlyn and Owen’s story in book three (which I’m working on already), but have lots of options for writing more about other characters within that world. Lance, Joss, and Bertha are the lead contenders for their own books so far. Which would you like to discover more about in their own stories? 

I’m getting stuck straight into the third book in the Vampire Temptations series already, and after that have a two part contemporary romance that is half done that I can’t wait to finish and release. So expect a lot more to read in the coming months! You can get an idea of future plans on my Upcoming Works page. Which story do you like the sound of?

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