Strawberry- a steamy vampire romance


Strawberry- a steamy vampire romance


An out of work actress can find herself in some shady situations. For Kitty French, some raunchy role-playing gone wrong lands her in the clutches of an honest-to-god vampire who decides she’s the tastiest of them all. Being a blood-sucker’s ongoing meal plan is not high on her wish list, no matter how searingly sexy he is. Will she escape from his cold lips alive, and will she still want to?

A bite sized, steamy, paranormal romance, Strawberry is a novella of 40,000 words, about half the length of a normal novel.

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One reader says…

Kidnapped, chained, starved, abused – the stuff of nightmares. Yet Strawberry makes the love that grows from these horrendous events somehow natural and inevitable, even to the point the vampire ***SPOILER REMOVED!***. In any other book it would appear ridiculous, in this one, simply a beautiful ending. This writer has a real gift of words.

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